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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Can I get some stickers please?
    A. USA residents can get G-Sport stickers through Odyssey by sending them a self-addressed stamped envelope and letting them know you’d like some G-Sport stickers. International requests can be fulfilled by our distributors.
  • Q. Why are the hubs so big?
    A. Big things are generally stronger than little things, when you hollow out a big thing it can often also be lighter than something smaller. So although our hubs are big on the outside there is a lot of air inside. Having a big axle and big bearings means that the hub ends up pretty big overall, but it also ends up strong, smooth and light. There is also no shortage of space inside a wheel so why not make the most of it. So quit looking at the middle of your wheels while you ride and concentrate on how fast you are going.
  • Q. How long do the bearings last?
    A. If you look after the bike then there is no reason that the bearings shouldn’t last almost indefinitely. I get plenty of emails from owners of hubs that are 5 or even 10 years old looking for their first set of replacements. Even less well looked after it is very unusual for a set of hub bearings to last less than 2 years. Obviously if you set out to destroy them and ride through rivers etc and wash all the lube out then they wont last as long, but they will always outlast other hubs.
  • Q. I wanted to buy a limited edition colour part, but I left it too late and missed out. Can I buy the colour I want direct or get a special order?
    A. Sorry, but the answer is no. The limited edition runs are just that, limited. You can check round bike shops for old stock or scour Ebay or get creative with some spray paint but when they are gone, they are gone.
  • Q. Why dont G-Sport make parts other than wheel stuff?
    A. G-Sport is focused on wheel parts because wheels are so important to a bike, just as important as a frame. I do work on other parts under the Odyssey brand.

George French Q&A

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486 Responses to “Tech Corner”

  1. ↓Nofar

    where can i buy the marmoset axle replacement?

  2. ↓Anthony

    How come G-sport does not sell drivers separately? I need one D: please do so.

  3. ↓cory

    what size spokes will i need to lace a gsport rollcage to a rant hub

  4. ↓Thomas

    Good evening Mr French/GSport. Would you build a custom hub…?

  5. ↓Sean

    I have a problem with my ratchet hub. When I put the wheel on and place it on the floor I can move it side to side and I’ve tightened up the bolts.
    I assume it is that the hub had decompressed but I not sure can you help me out ?

  6. ↓Jacob

    where can i buy the springs from the pawls of the hub, i lost one :(

  7. ↓cba

    where can i get bell end bar ends?

  8. ↓reference2myself

    Any ETA on the simian rear hub?

  9. ↓anderson

    do the simian hub guards fit the marmoset hubs??

  10. ↓Alex

    I am old school bmx rider and I would like to ride again.My dream is to ride Standard frame but they have 1″ head tube.I have 1.1/8″ fork so I have in my head how to make converter for that.A friend of mine told me that he remembers the commercial back in the ’90s in UK Ride where he saw that kind of adapter.I know that You was making such a small items,so I wonder have You produce that product?
    I can make it here in Serbia but I am just curios there was on market back in the ’90s or not?
    Thanks for the answer.
    Aleksandar Trbovic

    • ↓ross

      You can use 1″ bearing cups for the frame, then 1-1/8 headset using races, bearings, caps (everything else) but 1 1/8 cups. I did it on a old set up and worked great

  11. ↓Liam

    Just wondering if the taper hex nipples will work with other rims and r worth picking up or if they were designed only to work with g sport rims

  12. ↓Cody Ethier

    I feel that there is a high demand for a drive side guard, chromo and plastic hub guard options would be great at some point as well. If I were to purchase Gsport wheels, famed for such durability, I would hate to grind them up. Please produce a full range of hub guards. In the very least a drive side guard. One weak link in the product line could cause someone too chose another product line all together.

  13. ↓Valentin

    Bonjour Georges
    J’ai un gros problème avec mon moyeu gsport rachet depuis le début , je l’ai amené dernièrement dans un shop , et il est parti pour réparation frais de port à ma charge . Mais rapidement les mêmes problèmes . Je croyais avoir investi dans un moyeu fiable , et j’avoue être déçu , je pense que ce moyeu avait un problème de fabrication . Je n’ai pas d’argent pour m’acheter un autre moyeu , est-il possible de le réparer sérieusement . Y a-t-il une solution s’il te plaît je suis en panne . Merci