The Ratchet hub is our rear hub. We don’t call it a cassette becuase there is no cassette of cogs here, just a rock solid one-piece driver. Every component has been custom designed from the ground up to be as smooth and solid as possible.

  • The 3 pawls and ratchet ring are oversize, and because the driver and hub both run on the famously stiff 20mm GSport axle, everything will always be held in strict alignment.
  • 3 independent long-travel springs keep the tension.
  • Classic G-Sport oversize hub bearings ensure smooth rolling and long life.
  • The spring and pawl retention system ensures optimum alignment of pawls and drive ring, and keeps the hardware securely in place during routine maintenance. Every pawl pocket is finely detailed to optimise the smooth running of the pawls.
  • Needle roller bearing drivers withstand high chain loads with no risk of bearing failure.
  • The oversize ratchet ring with patent pending square tooth profile makes for easy left/right drive switching, with no extra parts and virtually no tools.
  • New for 2010 is a 3/8″ bolted aluminum axle for the Ratchet. Saving weight in the most important place.
  • If you love to grind, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a custom Ratchet Hub Guard available which is probably the toughest guard in existance.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Axle against bending or snapping for any riding related reason.
  • Lifetime warranty on all other hub parts against defects in materials and manufacture.