The oldest product still available from G-Sport is the Marmoset hub. To use an old cliche’, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Marmoset came on the market in a storm, and still out classes all the competition. Simple ideas, perfect execution.

  • 7075 aluminum shell with angled flanges and 36 holes.
  • Two high capacity sealed precision cartridge bearings mount on the signature G-Sport hollow 20mm axle,  also CNC machined from 7075 Aluminum.
  • The threads are steel helicoiled to eliminate any chance of stripping.
  • Custom 3/8 UNF thread bolts with 17 mm wrench flats and 6 mm allen hole hold your wheel to the fork in the cleanest, strongest, most elegant solution.
  • Lifetime warranty on Axle against bending or snapping for any riding related reason.
  • Lifetime warranty on all other hub parts against defects in materials and manufacture.