Hubs are where G-Sport really built our name. Back in 1994 we started making hubs by hand to fix all the issues of the day.

  • At the heart of the G-Sport ethos lies the big fat hollow axle held by bolts. Over the years other female (bolted) axle BMX hubs have appeared, but nobody else uses an axle as strong and as stiff as ours.
  • The 20mm axle means that the bent axle problem is fixed once and for all. And with it goes all the related problems like bearing misalignment and dropout failure.
  • Switching from a nut to a bolt we doubled the number of threads that engage and allow the wheel to be done up much tighter with no danger of stripping and much less chance of slipping in the dropout. This saves weight and reduces the axle overhang.
  • By eliminating the threaded cone nuts and replacing them with press fit collars, we eliminated the need to adjust the hub.
  • Using oversized bearings means that the wheel spins smoothly, not just when the wheel is off the ground, but when under full load.
  • Cutting the flanges down to the bare minimum overhang and making them as thick as possible made a hub that stands up to hard riding.
  • Using the very finest materials available maximized every aspect of the design, and makes perfect sense from our standpoint. All our hubs use 7075 aluminium and high grade chromoly steel.
  • Tightening up manufacturing tolerances and issuing proper engineering drawings brought quality control under our control.
  • Making custom bolts has allowed us to save some weight and offer maximum compatibility with existing tool sizes.
  • All these improvements are even found to strengthen the back of the bike and make it less likely to bend.

16 years later and the hubs are the stuff of legend. Many of those very first hubs are still out earning their keep. While the designs have been updated, the essence of the G-Sport design and ethics haven’t changed or wavered. The best hubs, rims and wheel based products are made by G-Sport.