Chad Osburn / Interview4.21.2016


Chad Osburn has an interview up on DIG! Click HERE to learn more about him and check out a handful of other dope photos.

Van Homan / What I Ride4.1.2016

What I Ride - Van Homan

Click on over to Ride BMX to check out what Van is rolling on these days.

Chad Osburn / Bros in a Bowl3.22.2016


Click on over to DIG BMX for a rad photo op with Chad Osburn and Ashley Charles!

Dallas is often overlooked by riders traveling to Texas, with the obvious go-to being down the road in Austin. With Jeremie Infelise on hand to film for the first Relic video, Ashley Charles and Chad Osburn proceeded to roast every inch of this bowl in Allen, TX. In a place that has been referred to as the land of ‘more is more’, it was a privilege to be amongst the school of ‘less is more’, and capture these guys doing their thing.

Van Homan / Hit and Run3.9.2016

I’m really digging the vibe in this one and there are some good cameos in this, too. Hit play to join Van on a 7,500 mile journey.

Van Homan / TCU Interview3.7.2016

Hit play to learn more about the man!

Chad Osburn / Kink Intervention3.1.2016

Chad ain’t scared to pedal. Full speed. Huge gaps. Big drops. Hit play and then ride your bike off a roof.

Van Homan / Ender Ender2.26.2016

The story behind this ender is too good. It took three trips over the course of years for Van to even get a solid go at this setup, and despite the not-so-ideal conditions, Van made it work perfectly on his first try.

The Van Homan Podcast12.15.2015

Dig BMX just dropped this new podcast with Van Homan. Hit play to listen to a candid conversation with one of BMX’s greatest game changers.

Van Homan – Holy Fit9.22.2015

Van is the man!

Chad Osburn – 3 Day Metro Pass9.3.2015

Watch Chad Osburn and the dudes kill it.