The Van Homan Podcast12.15.2015

Dig BMX just dropped this new podcast with Van Homan. Hit play to listen to a candid conversation with one of BMX’s greatest game changers.

Van Homan – Holy Fit9.22.2015

Van is the man!

Chad Osburn – 3 Day Metro Pass9.3.2015

Watch Chad Osburn and the dudes kill it.

Pool’s Gold8.21.2015

This Pools Gold series featuring Van Homan, Jason Enns and Garrett Byrnes is great. Enjoy!

Part 2 below.
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Van Homan – Wisdom of The Ages8.17.2015


Van has a nice feature over on DIG BMX where he drops some wisdom on us.

Dan Foley – Insta Revival8.11.2015

If you’re not following Dan Foley already, this new Instagram compilation should get ya convinced. Hit him up @danfoley!

“Trying to give the Instagram clips I was happiest with this past year another breath of life before they slip forever into the internet and social media abyss.”

G.L.A.N.D. Install Options7.29.2015


The MK 4 version continues the GLAND’s heritage, but in a smaller and sleeker overall size which should appease many riders. The GLAND fits most hubs and comes in a front or rear version. You can also install it either using the included high-strength zip ties or the heavy duty Manky Strap.

Mike Taylor – Indoor Escape5.13.2015

British winters are cold so to help pass the season, Jersey hit up some indoor parks and banged out some BMX. For a skatepark edit, these clips are pretty street.

G.L.A.N.D. MKIV and Uniguard – Available Now!4.21.2015


Our G.L.A.N.D. MKIV and Uniguard are now in stock! These two hub guards are simple, inexpensive, and fits most hubs and setups!


GSport G.L.A.N.D. MKIV


The MK 4 version continues the GLAND’s heritage, but in a smaller and sleeker overall size which should appease many riders. The images beside show the top, profile, and under side of each guard.

  • Front or Rear options
  • Fits most hubs


GSport Uniguard


The new Gsport Uniguard is a simple, inexpensive functional guard that eliminates the need to spread the dropouts. It’s made from Heat-Treated Cr-Mo Steel and is LHD and RHD compatible as well as Drive and Non-Drive compatible. All bases covered.

  • Heat Treated Cr-Mo Steel
  • LHD and RHD
  • Drive or Non-Drive side
  • 14mm or 3/8″
  • Fits most setups


Chad Osburn and the full pipe3.4.2015

This week on Kink’s One Hit Wednesday series, we get an extended look at Chad Osburn’s wild ride through a full pipe in NorCal. He loses contact at one point but he held on and somehow manages to ride out of it clean.