Mike Taylor “Transmission” Part12.1.2016

All hail Mike Taylor. Enjoy his final video part courtesy of BSD Transmission.

George French / Ride On Interview10.21.2016

Ever wanted to learn a little more about the history of GSport? Well, Ride On has you covered. This three part video series covers everything from George’s first desire to start a BMX company, all the way to what he’s up to today.

Van Homan REAL BMX Video9.14.2016

Van Homan’s REAL BMX video part does not disappoint. Give it a watch and go HERE and vote.

Van Homan / Hit and Run3.9.2016

I’m really digging the vibe in this one and there are some good cameos in this, too. Hit play to join Van on a 7,500 mile journey.

Van Homan / TCU Interview3.7.2016

Hit play to learn more about the man!

Chad Osburn / Kink Intervention3.1.2016

Chad ain’t scared to pedal. Full speed. Huge gaps. Big drops. Hit play and then ride your bike off a roof.

Van Homan / Ender Ender2.26.2016

The story behind this ender is too good. It took three trips over the course of years for Van to even get a solid go at this setup, and despite the not-so-ideal conditions, Van made it work perfectly on his first try.

Van Homan – Holy Fit9.22.2015

Van is the man!

Dan Foley – Insta Revival8.11.2015

If you’re not following Dan Foley already, this new Instagram compilation should get ya convinced. Hit him up @danfoley!

“Trying to give the Instagram clips I was happiest with this past year another breath of life before they slip forever into the internet and social media abyss.”

G.L.A.N.D. Install Options7.29.2015


The MK 4 version continues the GLAND’s heritage, but in a smaller and sleeker overall size which should appease many riders. The GLAND fits most hubs and comes in a front or rear version. You can also install it either using the included high-strength zip ties or the heavy duty Manky Strap.