Mike Taylor – Indoor Escape5.13.2015

British winters are cold so to help pass the season, Jersey hit up some indoor parks and banged out some BMX. For a skatepark edit, these clips are pretty street.

Chad Osburn and the full pipe3.4.2015

This week on Kink’s One Hit Wednesday series, we get an extended look at Chad Osburn’s wild ride through a full pipe in NorCal. He loses contact at one point but he held on and somehow manages to ride out of it clean.

Van Homan / Randy Brown Footage3.3.2015

Are you guys ready for some never before seen footage of Van and Randy? Well, we have you covered. Bob Scerbo just whipped up a quick video with some older footage of our dudes killing it.

How to Over Grind with Van Homan2.20.2015

This is one of Van’s favorite grinds so you know he has it on speed dial. If you want to add it to your bag of tricks, click play to learn how.

Then if you want to get a new pair of pegs, make sure to check out Van’s Signature Peg.

Van Homan @ TRABMX Double Cross10.13.2014

Most people know Van for being a beast on handrails and insane street moves but he has a relatively solid background in BMX racing as well. There’s a new event called Double Cross that Trail Riders of America is spearheading and it’s far different from most sanctioned races. It’s just two dudes, head to head and racing through a course that’s more like trails rather than a typical race track. Watch the video to get more insight behind the event and follow Van through his experience at this year’s inaugural event.

Dan Foley – iPhone 6 Test9.24.2014

You know what’s better than the iPhone 6? A new video from Dan Foley that’s filled with slow-motion sweetness.

Van Homan / Peg Promo6.13.2014

Van Homan is a man of steel so it only makes sense his signature Van Peg is made of Heat Treated 4140 Chromoly. Click play to watch some solid clips of Van slaying some rails. SHING!


  • Material: Heat Treated 4140
  • Length: 108mm / 4.25″
  • Diameter: 39mm / 1.5″
  • Configuration: 14mm or 3/8″
  • Rotation Positions: 3
  • Weight: 213 grams / 7.5oz

Chad Osburn – Valley Cuts6.12.2014

From lofty airs and transfers to a big ol’ nollie, Chad Osburn’s new video from Kink is a treat.

Van Homan – At Home on the Road5.19.2014

Come hang out with Van for a bit in his Welcome to the Family video from Almond Footwear.

Chad Osburn – Welcome to the Team5.12.2014

Photo by Sam McGuire

↑ Photo by Sam McGuire

When Van Homan suggested we add Chad Osburn to the GSport team, the decision was a no-brainer. Chad is an awesome, genuine dude, and he’s an incredible and diverse bike rider. He can destroy parks, street, dirt, or anything else you put in front of him, all with killer style and casual flow. So, yep, Chad is on GSport now, and we couldn’t be more stoked.

– Walter Pieringer

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