Josh Bedford Update

Josh Bedford

Photo from Mutiny Bikes

Josh Bedford is currently out with a broken foot, which is a real bummer. In the mean time, check out this pic Mutiny posted from their trip last year with Etnies. Also, in case you missed it, download the wallpaper of Josh we posted the other day. Get well soon, Josh!!!

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Goodbye, Dak

We are sorry to report that Dakota Roche will not be riding for G-Sport in 2011. Dakota was given the opportunity to travel and ride with some of his close friends on the Cinema team this year, and we can’t be mad at that. Dakota is a bad ass and we wish him all the best.

Downtown LA Bicycles

Downtown LA Bicycles is having a grand opening on Sunday and to help celebrate, they’re having a bunnyhop competition. If you live near the area, swing by.

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Glenhaven Jam


A while back, we sent a box of Plegs over to Dean Dickinson in Portland. They had a jam in Glenhaven Park and the Plegs helped keep everyone grinding. Here are some pics that Dean sent over!

I just wanted to say thanks again for hooking up Portland with all of the Plegs! Our jam went great and kids were stoked! And the city officials were even more stoked on the plegs and the event!



I had a pretty busy time this last week. This is our new daughter, Rivelin, born at home very early on  Wednesday morning. We are all super happy here and everyone is doing great. Her two elder sisters are particularly enchanted by her.

Wallpaper: Bear Cycle

Here’s a new wallpaper you guys can download. It’s from our Bear Cycle shirt, which is currently on sale in the Odyssey Online Store for US Residents. International customers can contact your local bike shops or mail-orders to get one!

Hello World.

Hello. If you are reading this then you have obviously found the new G-Sport website, congratulations. If you have something better to do, like go riding, then you should probably go and do it, but if you have some time to kill; or the alternative is filling in a tax return or studying or being tortured then you might find this a welcome distraction.

I have been super lax with website stuff for a long time now, I put most of my efforts into product design and development these days but Francis has put in the hours to craft this lovely new home for all things G-Sport so the least I can do is help out with some content.

We aim to have lots of information on here so if there is some data that you want then please get in touch and let us know. We will try to develop the FAQ to house a lot of the more common questions and we should be making videos and all that good stuff to add in too.

Well aside from the new site and a new determination to keep up with this stuff, nothing else has changed much. We are all still focused on making the very best BMX parts possible and trying to improve the riding experience for everyone. We still aim to offer the very best customer service and support and to keep you rolling regardless of what you do to your bike. We dont have a different range of products every year instead we take our time to develop our own ideas and refine them to the highest possible level of performance. For example, the Marmoset hub is something like 8 years old now and still the best there is…


Wheel Fiddling

This month I want to continue where I left off last time. If you remember I had just finished assembling the worlds most garish wheel, a lovely little rear 48, laced 4 cross and interlaced under the third. But there is a lot more to wheel building than just putting the parts together in the right order. Wheels are very simple, they may look a bit complex, but like all the best ideas they have been with us so long because they are simple and work. Unlike the Government (which seems to think that it makes more sense to continue to pour money into a disastrous policy of smashing apart the very building blocks of the universe to get energy rather than make a small effort to pioneer profitable technology to harvest some of the freely available energy around us in the waves, wind and sun) we can make the most of this simple technology by putting in just a little more effort.

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